Accounting Services

We help you discover and explore a range of financial and accounting possibilities, so that you can get the most out of your business. We ensure we are up to date, and even ahead of legislation and regulations, so you can feel assured your business finances are being looked after.
Our focus is not only retrospective in terms of accounting, or only current as in cashflow management, but importantly, proactive and forward planning. Where do you want your business to go and how are you going to get it there.

At Elizabeth Eyre Ltd, we have embraced technology. Using the latest trends in accounting software, automation and technology we are able to provide you with up to date, on demand data. With some of the processes automated, we have access to data quicker and have more time to add value to that data. With automation taking away a lot of the monotonous, repetitive tasks, we are finding more time to apply the skills that differentiate us from machines. Using judgment, problem solving, listening, empathy and adaptive processes are the attributes we enjoy in our work. Our team are trained to make sense of your data, to understand your objectives, industry and goals and to work with you to enable solutions.
Regular financial information is essential in the support and management of a business. As well as allowing for planning and projections, understanding your profit and loss, potential capacity issues or accounts receivable status for example, will ensure you are proactive, and solution driven.

Some of the Financial Management services we can provide include:

  • Business Health Check
  • Management accounts
  • Cashflow projections
  • Financial presentations for securing loans or financial support

Our team is flexible enough to offer you help where you need it the most. If there is anything you would like help with, and it is not listed above, please give us a call on 01684 214900 or email us at and we will gladly meet with you to discuss your needs.

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